Sound Advice

Fry Bros has been providing funeral services since 1889, which means that we have helped many families with personalised funeral services. During this time, we have noticed what people need help with for their funeral service, so we have come up with some FAQ's and resources for you to use.

Providing Resources You Can Trust

Our Resources

Answering Your Biggest FAQs

We answer some common questions in our FAQ's section. Feel free to ask us any other questions that you may have.

Our Guide to Writing a Eulogy

Writing a eulogy can be a bit intimidating, but our tips help you write a perfectly personalised one for your loved one.

Learning to Cope With Grief

A funeral can help you start the grieving and healing process. It is a healthy way to cope with and express your grief.

Download ‘A Practical Guide to Funerals’

Download our book, ‘A Practical Guide to Funerals’, and better understand each part of the funeral process.