Enhancing the Service of Your Loved One

At Fry Bros, we understand that personalised tributes can compliment and enhance the Funeral Service for your loved one.

Tributes can help provide a meaningful component where sometimes words are not enough. They may assist families to come together as they grieve and honour the person they have lost.

Funeral Services by Fry Bros Funerals in East Maitland.

Popular Personal Tributes

Below we’ve compiled ways Fry Bros can help to make your personal tribute truly memorable:

Order of Service Booklets

A Service Booklet, also known as an Order of Service or Program, is a booklet outlining the proceedings of the Service and often becomes a cherished keepsake, for friends and family members to take home.

The Order of Service Booklet can be very simple, or detailed. The team at Fry Bros can personalise each Order of Service Booklet to be a reflection of your loved one. They’re designed using special themes, colours, hobbies and interests.

The Order of Service Booklets are produced in consultation with the family as well as the Celebrant or Minister and provide the opportunity for you to include photos of your loved one along with any special poems, quotes, thank you messages of support and an invitation to the after service refreshments.

What to include:

Photos, anecdotes or quotes your loved one used to say, meaningful poem or scripture, photograph of a significant place or thing, words of songs or hymns played during the service.

Floral Tributes

Floral tributes are a personal and beautiful way to honour your loved one. Your Funeral Arranger can help you select flowers and colours that hold special meaning for your loved one, or flowers that express your love.

All arrangements are personally created and can be individually tailored to suit your needs

As well as full covers or a tie of flowers for the coffin, our florist can arrange pedestal arrangements for the Service venue, as well as single flowers and baskets of flower petals. Please visit the Fry Bros website to view examples.

Flowers for Funeral

‘Life in Pictures’ Photo Presentation

Photos play an important role in modern day life, capturing those special life events, family milestones and happy times. Families often express an interest in creating a Life in Pictures Slideshow to celebrate the life of their loved one. These presentations are welcome at most funeral venues and can be played at the Funeral Service or at the after service refreshment venue.

Putting together a slideshow Photo Presentation can help family members to feel a part of the Service and can also aid in the grieving process.

If you would like to include a Life in Pictures Slideshow within the Service, please speak with your Funeral Arranger who can assist you with the technical requirements. You can also download the Life in Pictures guide for families.

Fry Bros are happy to assist in the preparation of the slideshow. We require a minimum of two days notice or alternatively families are welcome to prepare the slideshow themselves.

Bookmarks & Thankyou Memorial Cards by Fry Bros Funerals

Bookmarks & Thankyou Memorial Cards

You may wish to consider having Bookmarks or Memorial Cards in addition to and/or instead of having an Order of Service Booklets. The bookmarks could be handed out at the Service, or at the after service refreshments. Thankyou Memorial Cards provide a personalised way to send a thoughtful message to those you wish to thank.

Records of the Funeral Service by Fry Bros Funerals

Recording the Service

An audio visual recording of your loved one’s Service can be organised in some venues.

The digital recording is saved to a USB and is a beautiful keepsake for your family. The recorded service is invaluable for those unable to attend the Service.

A professional Videographer can also be hired for other locations.

Playing Bagpiper in the Funeral by Fry Bros Funerals.


A bagpiper playing at a funeral service is an especially fitting tribute for a loved one with strong Celtic ties.

If you wish to include a piper within the Service, please speak with your Funeral Arranger who will be happy to organise this on your behalf.

The piper will telephone you to discuss your music choice and requirements for the service.

Memorial Display

Memorial Display

A Memorial Display may be set up to display your loved one’s favourite photos and special items that hold significant meaning. You may choose to have these displayed at the viewing, during the funeral service, or afterwards at the after service refreshments.


There may be a family member or close friend willing to participate by providing some live music either before or during the Service.

Alternatively Fry Bros can also assist with organising a professional soloist or musician.

After Service Refreshments

People often want to gather with family and friends after a Funeral Service to honour their loved one. This can be in a public or private place, where stories and memories can be shared. There are many options in the local area, such as clubs, cafes, function centres, or halls. Some Churches and catering companies can also help with this.