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Arranging a Funeral

Arranging a funeral can be a daunting task, but your Fry Bros Funeral Arranger is here to help you every step of the way. The first step, once it has been established that a death has occurred, is to call us so that we can guide you through the necessary first steps and bring your loved one into our care.

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Planning a meaningful funeral

Check funeral plans

Find out if your loved one had a funeral plan, bond or prepaid plan. These may indicate their preferences for the funeral arrangements.

Meet a funeral arranger

Provide personal details about your loved one for the official records. Discuss the type of service and personal tributes you want to have.

Reflect on their personality

It is important that the funeral service is an appropriate tribute to your loved one and reflects their hobbies, interests and personality

Involve family members

Include children and other relatives in the planning of the funeral. This can help them feel valued and aid in their grieving process.

It’s important to take time to absorb the enormity of your loss, and to be with & support one another.

Things to consider when planning a funeral

  • Do relatives or friends need to travel?
  • Is the venue for the service available?
  • Would you like some quiet-time to view your loved one?

  • Clothing: How would you like your loved one to be dressed?

  • Do you need a notice in the newspaper?

  • Do you need to organise a Memorial Display?

  • Do you have a eulogy in mind?

  • Are you having refreshments after the service?

Choosing a Burial or Cremation?

The decision of a burial or cremation is a personal Certain factors may influence your decision such as cost, religious or cultural traditions and family beliefs. The wishes of the deceased, if they are known, can also influence your decision.

Considerations when choosing a Burial

  • Burial is generally more expensive. The cost of purchasing the plot, headstone and other monumental stonemason work may need to be considered.

  • Some cemeteries may have options of a lawn section or monumental section.

  • A burial plot may be pre-purchased. You may wish to take this opportunity to purchase additional adjoining plots, so that family members may be buried along-side one another in the future.


Considerations when choosing a Cremation

  • The ashes may be placed in an urn and kept or scattered. This may be at a location with special significance.

  • They may be interred in a cemetery or placed in a columbarium at a Memorial Park or Cemetery.

  • Cremation is generally a more economical option

Not sure which one? Fry Bros can help

Choosing the right venue

Fry Bros funeral directors has three chapels in East Maitland, Maitland and Raymond Terrace. We can help you choose the best one for your funeral planning needs. Our chapels are comfortable and inviting, and our funeral homes are conveniently located near you.

Our funeral directors will listen to your wishes and guide you through the venue options. We serve families across the greater Maitland area, Hunter Valley and Port Stephens region.

Our Local Fry Bros Chapels

East Maitland

Located at 48 Banks St, East Maitland


Non-denominational, air-conditioned chapel with seating for approx. 60 people

Includes 2 LCD screens for photo slideshow presentations and reflection music


Located at 97 New England Hwy, Maitland

  • Non-denominational, modern chapel with air-conditioning & seating for est. 120 people
  • Includes 2 LCD screens for slideshow presentations and reflection music
  • Welcoming reception foyer suitable for pre-service fellowship and chapel overflow
  • Live streaming available at no extra cost
  • On-site parking

Raymond Terrace

Located at 61 Port Stephens St, Raymond Terrace


Non-denominational, air-conditioned chapel with seating for approx. 40 people

Warm and inviting reception foyer for pre-service fellowship and chapel overflow

Function room available for after service refreshments

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