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Cremation Services

Many people in Maitland and Raymond Terrace, and across New South Wales, are choosing a funeral cremation instead of a burial for their loved one. Whether this is because of the expressed wishes of the deceased, or through their own preferences, families are looking for cremation services from funeral directors that are passionate and understanding, and enable high levels of personalisation for the service.

Fry Bros helps you to plan a personalised memorial service that reflects the life and character of your loved one. Our professional, experienced team can talk you through some of our options; it’s your choice whether you’d prefer to hold a funeral service before or after the cremation process, or whether you want a cremation-only service for a more simple farewell.

What’s involved in a funeral cremation?

 We’ll help you plan a cremation, to make the process straightforward and worry-free for you. Our cremation services include providing the right venue for the memorial, whether this is in a church, chapel or non-religious space.

You can choose which guests attend the cremation service, as well as what you plan to do with the ashes. Many people choose to keep them in an urn or scatter them in a place that was important to your family member, but we can also place them in a columbarium at a memorial park or cemetery if you wish.

As experienced funeral directors, Fry Bros adheres to all New South Wales regulations when it comes to disposing of the deceased and you can rest assured that all legal requirements will be taken care of.

Considerations when choosing a cremation

  • The funeral or memorial service may be held in a church, chapel, or other suitable venue of your choice.
  • The ashes may be placed in an urn and kept or scattered. This may be at a location with special significance.
  • They may be interred in a cemetery or placed in a columbarium at a Memorial Park or Cemetery.

Why choose a cremation?

We can help you decide between a burial and a cremation, discussing the costs and benefits of each with you and your family. Some reasons people often choose a funeral cremation include:

  • Families can still keep traditional elements, such as burying cremains
  • They’re generally a more economical option than burials
  • They’re often a more straightforward route than a burial
  • Cremations take up less space, making them friendlier to the environment
  • There are more options for the final resting place, with creative options such as turning ashes into jewellery or scattering them someplace special
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Cremation-only services

We offer private cremations to reflect the wishes of you and your family. This is a cremation-only farewell, that doesn’t include a funeral service and isn’t attended by the family. The funeral directors at Fry Bros will work with you to plan a direct cremation that honours the life and memory of your loved one, helping you find ways to keep costs reasonable – just how they would have wanted it.

We welcome you to view available chapels and crematoriums to help you plan a meaningful day that’s simple and stress-free for the family.

Respecting your family traditions and beliefs

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Acknowledgement of Country

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